Music Animation Competition

Screening time and screen information

Nov 4th 19:50〜 Theater 1
Nov 5th 11:50〜 Theater 3


2018 / Serbia, Australia / 0:04:31

Music video for Unknown Mortal Orchestra, an anthem for the lead singer’s daughter.

  • Director : Greg Sharp


Tom Rosenthal "Fenn"

2017 / United Kingdom, Japan / 0:02:23

’Fenn’ is the name of the London based musician, Tom Rosenthal’s second daughter. Roughly following (…)

  • Director : Sarina Nihei


Mark Lotterman "Happy"

2017 / Netherlands / 0:06:35

People should be happy. Even this Egyptian goose, who tries to cast a spell on us with a seductive d(…)

  • Director : Alice Saey


Hauschka "Constant Growth Fails"

2017 / Hungary, Germany / 0:04:22

Animated experimental short music video with the music from the Golden Globe nominated Volker Bertel(…)

  • Director : Daniel Gray


KATY'S WART by David Roush & Ecce Shnak

2017 / United States / 0:02:53

A pervert is harassing a pair of twins. One of them has a magic wart on her hand. This is their reve(…)

  • Director : Simon Wilches Castro, Hollye Bynum

i don't like the comics you drew

2017 / China / 0:03:38

Dave draws the first page of his comic book and excitedly shows it to his friend Lei Lei. Lei Lei is(…)

  • Director : Lei Lei

Wednesday Campanella "Three Mystic Apes"

2018 / Japan / 0:01:54

  • Director : nuQ



2018 / China / 0:04:49

The animation is based on a Chinese old short story “The Words of Eyeballs” in A Collection of Bizar(…)

  • Director : Lu chen


Time Spy

2016 / China / 0:09:00

This film combines the traditional woodcut and 3D visual experience and discusses the relationship b(…)

  • Director : Sun Xun


2017 / Poland / 0:04:05

An old rockman, Kaman, observes how nature comes to life in the springtime. He helps his charge to m(…)

  • Director : Zuzanna Waś


Reach the Sky

2018 / Canada / 0:05:50

On the open road, three queer friends in three cars are separated by an unexpected fork in the road.(…)

  • Director : Daniel Sterlin-Altman


Introduction to Epilogue

2018 / Latvia / 0:09:00

”Introduction to Epilogue” is a colorful, allegorical film about the fear from death. Life will alwa(…)

  • Director : Indra Sproge