Sawako Kabuki (Animator)
Call me GAL, not animation filmmaker

Screening time and screen information

Nov 5th 11:50〜 Theater 2

Are you seriously thinking of becoming an artist or a lovely animation director? Stinky! By the way, I am happy just to play and see myself glittering everyday. I don’t even think that I should do such a job. I don’t care if I get sidelined. It is fine as long as I enjoy myself at every moment, isn’t it? This is the motto of my life!! ….but on the contrary, in reality, I work hard, politely, and steadly.

Originally I did not like animation specially. I never imagine I become an animation director. (I think most of animation directors who graduate Tama Art University are the same). But there were so many things happened in my life. I happened to choose animation as my career. I think almost all the girls of my generation grew up reading a charismatic comic “GALS!”. Every girls wanted to be gals. I still do. The main character “Run Kotobuki” in “GALS!” lives in me. Gals are always cute and fashionable. Although they seem to be living properly, Gals are serious and benevolent, kind to men, firmly hold themselves. Gals deserve respect. The title of the program has such a meaning.


Sawako Kabuki

Born in Tokyo in 1990, Sawako Kabuki graduated with a Bachelor of Graphic Design from Tama Art University, and later completed her master’s after working for a porn video company. Her films have been selected and awarded at festivals in more than 20 countries such as Annecy, Ottawa, Rotterdam, Zagreb and SXSW. She is known for her distinct directorial personality in hand-drawn animation. Her works include ‘Summer’s Puke is Winter’s Delight,’ ‘MASTER BLASTER’ and ‘Anal Juke.’