Yoko Kuno (Animator, Manga Artist)
I Want to Let You Eat Sea‐squirts of Animation

Screening time and screen information

Nov 4th 13:20~ 4F OASIS PARK

Yoko Kuno who has been active as a comic and animation artist do a personal work a makes use of her own graphic style while working at a commercial studio for Anime films and television. In what philosophy does she work in both territories? It is to mix “delicacies” like sea-squirts into a major work. In this masterclass, she tells you what kind of work she has been doing in the Anime industry.


Yoko Kuno

Graduated from Tama Art University in 2013, she is working as an animator, illustrator, and comic artist. Her main works include Airy Me (music video for cuushe) and an opening movie for ETV’s program Puppet Theater Gara-piko-puu. She participated as a staff of the feature animated films like The Case of Hana and Alice (dir. Shunji Iwai), Crayon Shin-chan, and TV series Land of the Lustrous. She published her first comic book A HORN & LOVE of Amagi Yuiko.