Conception: Catie + Jen


This film was produced as part of the New York Times’ Conception series, a six-part animated series showcasing different real life stories about becoming a Mother. We follow Jen and Catie: two sisters struggling with infertility, an unexpected pregnancy and difficult life decisions. Sisterhood and motherhood meet in this powerful story of love, fear and trust.


Moth Studio

Founded by three short film directors who began collaborating on commercials, feature film segments and positive films for NGO’s and charities,Moth has since grown into a full-time team of producers, directors, designers and problem solvers. Often taking complex or difficult subjects and portraying them in imaginative ways, Moth strives to create vivid work that retains an intelligent and distinct style whether for commercial clients, editorial pieces or short films.



Director:Moth Studio
2018 / United Kingdom / 0:04:14