Mitya's Love


The film is based on a short story by Boris Shergin called "Mitya’s Love". A shipmaster Mitya went to the theatre from Archangelsk to Solombala. On his way there he was caught up in a strong wind. A girl was flying next to him. It was Maria Ivanovna. Mitya helped her to get to the theatre. The performance had already begun. It was an avant-garde staging of Ostrovsky’s "The Storm". Maria Ivanovna was sitting next to Mitya and suddenly he fell in love. He had managed to confess his love to her, but then Maria Ivanovna disappeared. What’s left for Mitya to do? He decided to go all over the city to find her. The film uses images by masters of Russian avant-garde: Mikhail Larionov, Natalia Goncharova, as well as masters of naïve art: Pavel Leonov and Lyubov Majkova.


Svetlana Filippova

Svetlana Filippova graduated from the Philological faculty of the Kazakh State University in 1991, and Higher School of Scriptwriters and Film Directors in Moscow in 1997 with a specialization of a director-animator. She was studing at the studio of F. S. Khitruk, Y. B. Norstein, E. V. Nazarov and A. Svetlana Filippova is engaged in painting, easel and book graphics, lithography, animation. She is a participant in numerous film festivals, art and book exhibitions in Russia and abroad. She won the first prize at the Association of Artists of graphic arts at the exhibition of Moscow book artists in 2005 for her illustrations for fairy tales of Ludmila Ulitskaya and became a laureate of the All-Russian competition “Image of a book” in nomination “Best illustrations to productions for children and youth” for illustration of L. Oulitskaia’s tales and laureate of “Man of book” prize in nomination “Best painter” (newspaper “Bookish survey” in frames of Intellectual literature fair Non-fiction) for illustrations to “Chevengur” by Andrei Platonov in 2008. She was awarded with prizes at international festivals in USA, Australia, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, France, Iran, Argentina, Brazil, Georgia and Russia for the animated films "The Night has came," "Sarah’s Tale", "Three Love Stories", “Where dogs die” and ”Brutus”. She has designed and illustrated “The Foundation Pit” and “Chevengur” by Andrei Platonov, tales of Ludmila Oulitskaia, “Dark alleys” by Ivan Bunin, “Lefthander” by N. Leskov, “The Gospel from John”. Her works are kept in private collections in Russia, Germany and France.



Director:Svetlana Filippova
2018 / Russia / 0:14:04