Everything’s different but nothing has changed. A trip through a sunken maze of memories and dreams.



"Filmmaker/artist Rosto and his Studio Rosto A.D have created music videos and TV work but are internationally best known for his independent short films. (the rise and fall of the legendary) Anglobilly Feverson (2001) was the first short film that took the international festival world by storm resulting in worldwide recognition of Rosto’s work. The next short film Jona/Tomberry, winner of the Grand Prix Canal+ at the film festival of Cannes 2005, completed the trilogy of “Mind My Gap” films.Mind My Gap is Rosto A.D’s mixed media project that began as an online graphic novel and was expanded with music, films and print. An overview of the films and related works were exhibited at several international festivals, including Annecy in 2008 and the Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana 2015. Music has always been the driving force in Rosto’s work. His work attracted the attention of international artists showing an interest in cooperating with the director. For his opus The Monster of Nix this resulted in collaborations with the Metropole Orchestra, The Residents, Terry Gilliam and Tom Waits. Rosto’s film work is not 0theatres where the 30-minute The Monster of Nix was even released as a stand-alone. With Reruns (2018) a series of four musical films, Thee Wreckers Tetralogy, is concluded. The first three films, No Place Like Home (2008), Lonely Bones (Clermont-Ferrand 2013, Grand Prix at Ottawa 2013) and Splintertime (Grand Prix Future Film Festival 2015) took home the Visionary Award at the Sapporo Film Festival, Japan in 2015. Rosto is currently working on the feature film adaptation of Mind My Gap while meditating on other projects. He is also a well-respected guest lecturer, speaker and juror all over the world."


2018 / Netherlands, France, Belgium / 0:14:30