Sun Zoom Spark


The magnetic sun looms over lonely water towers and hidden spaces under a highway overpass. Inspired by the song "Sun Zoom Spark" by Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart. Painting, drawing and rotoscope on 70mm film. Sound recorded using contact microphones on bridge structures.


Gina Kamentsky

Gina Kamentsky is an experimental animator who creates handmade films by drawing and painting directly onto found film footage. Working on a horizontal video monitor, she projects found video footage behind 70mm film and uses this as reference for drawing. In addition, she collages elements from found film onto the surface. In her work, she explores relationships between surface, rhythm, gesture and field recorded sound. Her recent work examines spatial movement focusing on industrial structures as subject matter. Her animation work has screened at numerous festivals including Annecy, Ottawa International Animation Festival and the Ann Arbor Film Festival.


Director:Gina Kamentsky
2018 / United States / 0:02:28