The Earthly Men


"What is the earthly men, duckweed? A lonely person without name or race or with nothing in common with you. That man is you. A mobile space in the sea; in fiction and real life, on the edge of lost, seeking for self constantly... We do not want to face the real world, which reflected our small, we will be in the hard struggle, for a phantom and exhausted, deformation we escaped into distorted feelings to perceive the world. If a person always avoid a part of their own self, or is that part of the self, especially on its ugly self always avoid being seen, then he will become very carefully conceal mentioning, the hypocrisy of his real self starting alienation... A man who is in such a situation will not only correct his mistakes but also his mistakes, Instead, it distorts the natural nature of man, and makes the difference between man and woman bigger and bigger.."


Liu Yi

Liu Yi was born in 1990 in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. In 2009 she graduated fromthe High School of the Academy of Fine Arts, in 2012 graduated from the ChinaAcademy of Fine Arts School of Intermedia Art with Bachelor‘s degree, and in 2016graduated from the China Academy of Fine Arts with Master’s degree. Currently she lives in Hangzhou. ”Early Chinese art films and experimental animation” is her main research direction, she has created the ”Origin of Species ”, ””Chaos Theory”,A Travel Inward ”, ”Into The Void,” A Crow Has Been Calling for a Whole Day”and other experimental animation films. She reflects the experience of nature and life from “what have been seen and heard” to “what have been thought” through real-time expression of animation, painting, multimedia video and space installation. At the meantime, artist explores more possibilities in the exhibition space and finds a parallel world that is different from reality.



Director:Liu Yi
2017 / China / 0:05:40