International Competition 1

Screening time and screen information

Nov 2nd 15:20〜 Theater1・Theater3
Nov 4th 10:00〜 Theater2

The Burden

2017 / Sweden / 0:14:15

A dark musical enacted in a modern market place, situated next to a large freeway. The employees of the various commercial venues deal with boredom and existential anxiety by performing cheerful musical turns. The apocalypse is a tempting liberator.

  • Director : Niki Lindroth von Bahr


Time Spy

2016 / China / 0:09:00

This film combines the traditional woodcut and 3D visual experience and discusses the relationship between the time and life. We preserve the past by maintaining our memory and value the future by our desire. When we mention history, present, future, and eternality, memory could lie to us and tomorrow could never exist. There is nothing forever because we only live at the moment. Everything endures in the flux of time. The Universe is the only authority that could determine everything, and we are just the spies of time.

  • Director : Sun Xun

Conception: Catie + Jen

2018 / United Kingdom / 0:04:14

This film was produced as part of the New York Times’ Conception series, a six-part animated series showcasing different real life stories about becoming a Mother. We follow Jen and Catie: two sisters struggling with infertility, an unexpected pregnancy and difficult life decisions. Sisterhood and motherhood meet in this powerful story of love, fear and trust.

  • Director : Moth Studio


A Ribbon and a Dandelion

2018 / Japan / 0:07:07

A ribbon untie itself, the friend dandelion would tie them again, that would their secret routine joke. but eventually, that play won’t work for them.

  • Director : Manami Wakai



2018 / Israel / 0:15:22

1950 Tel Aviv, a mother and her son receive a telegram with an invitation for a phone call from America. The prospects of the call spark hope for a better life in the mother's heart while her son is busy in his own fantasy world inspired from his life in Israel.

  • Director : Nadav Arbel


World of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden of Other People's Thoughts

2018 / United States / 0:23:00

The highly anticipated follow-up to Don Hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow finds Emily Prime swept inside the brain of an incomplete back-up clone of her future self, who’s on a mission to reboot her broken mind. Continuing the tradition of the first film, World of Tomorrow Episode Two was written entirely around candid audio recordings of Hertzfeldt’s five year old niece.

  • Director : Don Hertzfeldt