International Competition 4

Screening time and screen information

Nov 3rd 18:40〜 Theater3
Nov 5th 10:00〜 Theater1

Grands Canons

2017 / France / 0:10:45

Superimposed, condensed, multiplied, thousands of documentary drawings in successive series come to life on the screen, composing a veritable visual symphony of everyday objects.

  • Director : Alain Biet

Mitya's Love

2018 / Russia / 0:14:04

The film is based on a short story by Boris Shergin called "Mitya’s Love". A shipmaster Mitya went to the theatre from Archangelsk to Solombala. On his way there he was caught up in a strong wind. A girl was flying next to him. It was Maria Ivanovna. Mitya helped her to get to the theatre. The performance had already begun. It was an avant-garde staging of Ostrovsky’s "The Storm". Maria Ivanovna was sitting next to Mitya and suddenly he fell in love. He had managed to confess his love to her, but then Maria Ivanovna disappeared. What’s left for Mitya to do? He decided to go all over the city to find her. The film uses images by masters of Russian avant-garde: Mikhail Larionov, Natalia Goncharova, as well as masters of naïve art: Pavel Leonov and Lyubov Majkova.

  • Director : Svetlana Filippova


The Backward Astronomer

2018 / United States / 0:10:07

A privileged, young man falls in love with a wealthy woman and together they lead reckless lives of opulence in New York City. That is, until he finds something better—a doorway leading directly to the surface of the moon.

  • Director : Jacob M Nelson


Autumn from Antonio Vivaldi ”The Four Seasons”

2017 / Japan / 0:11:10

Dear Mr. Vivaldi, First, I apologize for setting your music to animation without your permission. Furthermore, I know it was presumptuous of me to make my own interpretations of your work and introduce otters and various other animals that you almost certainly didn’t have in mind. But, I really felt a strong desire to use animals in visualizing your work, which portrays human activities set in the autumn. I wanted to depict ”autumn” that includes it all - humans and animals, hunters and the hunted, dreams and reality. I appreciate your understanding. Sincerely, Atsushi Wada

  • Director : Atsushi Wada

The Big Rip

2018 / Germany / 0:08:50

This film is an homage to the German philosopher Philipp Mainländer (1841-1876) and a short story about us and our universe.

  • Director : David Buob


Death of a Father

2017 / India / 0:10:16

When Babu's father passes away, he is caught in a web of age-old rituals and social formalities. As he looks for opportunities to cope with the loss of his father, death ends up being just another mundane routine for Babu.

  • Director : Somnath Pal


I'm Going Out for Cigarettes

2018 / France / 0:13:40

Jonathan, twelve years old, lives with his sister, his mother and also some men. They all have the same face and nest in closets, drawers, TV set…

  • Director : Osman Cerfon