Japan Competition

Screening time and screen information

Nov 3rd 12:00〜 Theater2
Nov 5th 13:00〜 Theater1

My Little Goat

2018 / Japan / 0:10:13

The mother goat rescues her little goats from the wolf’s belly. But, she can’t find Toruku, her eldest son! Where is Toruku?!

  • Director : Tomoki Misato



2018 / Japan / 0:04:24

Animation about the cycle of life energy, like the normal state, the lost state and the state of regeneration.

  • Director : Aiko Mikami



2018 / Japan / 0:04:07

Music video for ”loTus” by UQiYO. Boundaries between dream and reality begin to waver, peel off, and shift. Are we asleep or awake? The sun is about to come up.

  • Director : Takuto Katayama



2018 / Japan / 0:09:00

A rambling everyday life, daily familiar sight, The memory of the past that passes...All of them are vague but sometimes they are kept in memory as a gentle and important stack with vivid colors. I reconstructed such impressions of everyday life by animation.

  • Director : Yo Ogawa


Good Luck Yonpey

2018 / Japan / 0:03:51

This story is about Yonpei, an always energetic boy. Today we present "Yonpei goes on errand!

  • Director : Shota


Shadow Wave

2018 / Japan / 0:05:55

Calligraphy animation with letters as the theme. Each line was originally part of a character. Therefore, I have some of the words represented by the original letter. By decomposing and reconstructing letters, we can create new forms and new words beyond our assumptions.

  • Director : Takumi Kataoka



2018 / Japan / 0:06:55

Suffering from a difficulty attending a school for 2 and half years when I was a junior high school student, in my film, I wanted to express the feeling of desperation, not able to escape from the unwanting past. “I had problems and became truant” however after I came to college I found a way to make peace with my past. By sharing my experience and feelings I have written down on the Net, I would like to be some help to the people who might have same problems like mine.

  • Director : Lyota Takahashi


A Snowflake into the Night

2018 / Japan / 0:06:00

One day, the snow metamorphosed into an earthworm, when it sensed danger for melting. The earthworm, who longed for aboveground, metamorphosed into a tree. It continues metamorphosing and.... Someday, it will remember her old self.

  • Director : Yoko Yuki


The Body Swap Center

2018 / Japan / 0:08:43

Mimi is fed up with her pathetic self. One day she walks along looking at the ground like usual when she notices a suspicious flyer.

  • Director : Kazuki Sekiguchi



2018 / Japan / 0:05:23

Animation Music Video for Electronica music ”Sparkle”. Sparkle of life.

  • Director : Taro Otani



2017 / France, Japan / 0:05:00

Dreamland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.

  • Director : Mirai Mizue


imai "Fly feat.79, Kaho Nakamura"

2018 / Japan / 0:03:15

A stop-motion video of various types of mochi, popular sweets for old people in Japan. I had been shot this the whole summer at my grandparents’ house.

  • Director : Baku Hashimoto