International Showcase

Screening time and screen information

Nov 3rd 20:30〜 Theater2


2018 / Germany / 0:02:56

Drone. Stunt. Rave.

  • Director : Nikita Diakur

Ruby's Cottage

2018 / Australia / 0:10:12

A curious story of a young cyber shaman, who enters an abandoned home in the country-side to render it into a virtual 3D space. She's intrigued by its cursed past, however, by rendering it, she threatens to eradicate the spirits inside. Each room she scans she removes those the spirits and thus she must scan in the spiritual portal of the home to take these spirits into the cyber realm.

  • Director : Keanu Hoi

(Fool Time) JOB

2017 / France / 0:16:35

Pedro has found a job. A rare occurence in this period of crisis. That's good news for him and his family. It's true that the job is rather strange... But the important thing is to have a job... Isn't it ?

  • Director : Gilles Cuvelier

An Island

2017 / Ireland / 0:12:51

An Island is an immersive short film portraying the physical and emotional journey undertaken by a lone explorer as he attempts to reach the summit of a remote island. As events unfold around him, our protagonist is confronted with the joy and agony of life, love and loss, and the wonder of the natural world.

  • Director : Rory Byne

Beyond the Ball

2017 / United States / 0:03:52

Beyond the Ball is a visual acknowledgement of situations that are not what they appear.

  • Director : Dana Sink

My Mother and the Hawk

2018 / United States / 0:07:10

A mother and daughter spend an autumn day discussing anxiety, parenting, and doubt on a terrace overlooking a bustling city. A hawk joins them. A moving painting with fractal landscape features alongside hand drawn art with an original score.

  • Director : Harry Rubin-Falcone


2018 / Estonia / 0:07:27

The Gaia hypothesis proposes that Earth is a giant self-regulating system, which is able to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet.

  • Director : Jass Kaselaan

The gospel according to Tauba and Primal

2018 / Brazil / 0:11:35

The Gospel According to Tauba and Primal" is part of the rebellion of the Tauba character with the violence and urban chaos of the metropolis where he lives. As an alternative, he creates and realizes the project of an ideal city, a fortress-city robot. Moved by envy, Primal develops its own version of the robot-city of Tauba. The short is an allegory about the contemporary confrontation between two antagonistic perspectives on life and society, where issues such as radicalism, inability to dialogue and segregation of the world divided by walls are exposed.

  • Director : M_rcia Deretti、M_rcio J_nior

Carlotta's Face

2018 / Germany / 0:05:00

As a child, Carlotta didn’t expect the people around here to have faces. She even doesn’t recognize her own face. Years later, she learns about a rare, untreatable deficit of her brain. It was art, after all, that offered her a way to finally recognize herself.

  • Director : Valentin Riedl、Fr_d_ric Schuld

Outside Hearing In

2016 / United States / 0:07:05

Previously content all on his own, Calvin, finds himself in a position to hear with extreme detail the soundtracks of lives far beyond his own doorstep. The cacophony of life’s sounds is at first unbearable but when Calvin finds a way to tune into them individually; he begins to find the noises, stories, conversations, and rambling comforting and familiar. Calvin sets out to build his own radio tower and transmit his gift – broadcasting the intangible with those that need reminders that they are not alone.

  • Director : Savannah Winchester、Dylan Reitz