Ruby's Cottage


A curious story of a young cyber shaman, who enters an abandoned home in the country-side to render it into a virtual 3D space. She's intrigued by its cursed past, however, by rendering it, she threatens to eradicate the spirits inside. Each room she scans she removes those the spirits and thus she must scan in the spiritual portal of the home to take these spirits into the cyber realm.


Keanu Hoi

Marcus Keanu Hoi is a graduate at the Australian Film Television Radio School and multi-disciplinary filmmaker, working across documentary, animation, music videos and installation art. He's self-funded a feature film made in Siberia (in the coldest land outside of Antarctica). Created a short film screened at CineQuest, California. Produced installation art to large audiences and ran an installation at Vivid Sydney 2016 and Sydney Fringe Festival 2017. These diverse experiences have led to a practice that accentuates the range of screen and film forms available and how they can co-exist in a single work.


Director:Keanu Hoi
2018 / Australia / 0:10:12