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Nov 2nd 17:45 Theater 3
Nov 3rd 16:10 Theater 3


1975, during the Khmer Rouge revolution. Fighting for her own survival, Chou, a young Cambodian mother, looks for her 4-year-old son who was taken away from her by the regime.


Denis DO

Visual images have always captivated me. It led to a desire to pursue a fulfilling career in drawing and representation. So I studied “The Conception and Realisation of Animated Films” at the Gobelins, l’Ecole de l’Image school in Paris, from which I graduated in 2009. During this period, full of tremendous learning experiences, I co-directed “The Ribbon”, a short film about a love story that takes place in China in the 1960s. I acquired a taste for making up and telling stories. Stories that move me, and stay with me. And through cinema, I express myself, I share and, sometimes, I meditate. I was born in France. And so I had to learn how to think, to get to grips with and adapt to my Asian roots. It’s a varied inheritance that the West has trouble getting to know and understand. For a long time, I only searched through and felt affected by my Chinese background. I’ve only recently stopped denying the substantial part of me bequeathed from my Cambodian roots. It’s a part of me, of my origins, that I am still discovering today. By means of a story, a journey, a life. That of my mother’s.


Director:Denis DO
2017 / Belgium, Cambodia, France, Luxembourg / 1:24:00