Baku Hashimoto (Video Director, Visual Artist)

Screening time and screen information

Nov 3rd 12:00~ 4F OASIS PARK

Being a geek (on technology), I have been challenging different visual styles and techniques for each work while being influenced by the culture of the programming and hackers. In my talk, I comment on some of my works and talk about my method of “”start making from a technique itself”” both from the aspect of the technical and the attitude. I also introduce how I made this year’s festival trailer.


Baku Hashimoto

Baku Hashimoto is a visual artist and filmmaker in Tokyo. He works on everything from MVs and web features to interactive art, conducts experiments in different modes of expression, and explores diverse styles of video and graphics. His major project include promotional products for Adobe, Nike, along with videos for artists like group_inou and Olga Bell. He is the winner of the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival New Face Award.