TV and Experimental Screening and the Special Talk: Shinji Fukuhara and Kentaro Sudo

Screening time and screen information

Nov 4th 15:00〜 Theater1

With the theme of the relationship between TV animation and its experiment, this film features the first feature-length TV animation series Astro Boy by Osamu Tezuka and his experimental shorts, “Mini Mini Animation” of “11PM” by Yoji Kuri (also his short films), and POP TEAM EPIC which is particularly distinctive and experimental among recent TV animations. Furthermore, a special discussion will be held by Mr. Shinji Fukuhara, the legendary educational program Ugougo Luga and Mr. Kotaro Sudo, the producer of “POP TEAM EPIC”. The program reveals the diversity and the possibilities of TV animation!


Osamu Tezuka
As is one of Tezuka Osamu’s monumental work that changed the history of Japanese animation, “Astro Boy” is Japan’s first feature-length TV animation series. In addition, two experimental animation short, “Jumping” and “Broken Down Film,” is shown to pursue the possibility of expression by Tezuka Osamu.


Yoji Kuri
Animator, cartoonist, painter, picture book writer, novelist, avant-garde artist. Currently he is 90 years old, looking for musicians for his new animations, he is working on painting every day. His representative works such as “Mini Mini animation” in the legendary Japanese television program “11PM” will be screened.

“No matter what you do, shit.” In January 2018, the shitty animation was born, made by Kamikaze Douga, based on a comic of Bukubu Okawa, distributed at TAKESHOBO’s web platform for 4-panel cartoon “Manga Life WIN” from November 2014. In the program, selections from the TV animation series will be screened.

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Shinji Fukuhara

BuzzFeed Japan Movie Division Director / ex-producer at Fuji Television

Fukuhara studied at the Faculty of Economics at Kyoto University then joined Fuji Television. He moving to the information program section after the organization and produced numerous avant-garde and edgy programs. A fresh idea utilizing brand-new technology generated many followers afterward. Especially, “Einstein” (1990) and “Ugougo Ruga” (1992) were influential for its baldness of the use of CGI. In 2008, he planned and directed “Near Future Forecast TsugugureTSUGIKURU” that predicted the Big Data era. In 2009 he was in charge of a general producer of “SOLiVE 24”, 24 hours weather news program. In “New Weekly Fuji TV Criticism,” he collaborated Nico Nico Douga. In 2014 he moved to the News department. In the following year, he launched the multi-device news media “Hokudoukyoku.” He is one of the key people who connect the television and the Internet. He left Fuji Television at the end of March 2018, changed to BuzzFeed Japan from April, and took over the position of Director of Movie Division. Currently, he is a part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University.

Koutarou Sudou

King Records Producer

Born on Nov 1, 1985, in Sapporo, Hokkaido. After graduating from Hosei University, Sudou has been working at King Records. As a producer, he is responsible for planning and producing TV anime “Pop Team Epic” as well as a music producer for Sumire Uesaka.